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  • Thu 02/07/2015: Dear Auntie, Ayo, Sola, Seni and Tolu, Prof was a giant among his peers. He touched so many lives for good and he was selfless in his attitude to life. His humility touched me so much when he was my boss at FUTA that it made it so easy for me to disagree with him on issues without his being disagreeable or offended. He was a positive role model on many fronts. He was not a perfect man but he was someone who was able to demonstrate the immense transformation which following Jesus demands. Above all, Prof demonstrated a teachable spirit and a great desire to know more and more about Jesus and His Word. - Rev. Dele and Iyabo Agbelusi
  • Tue 30/06/15: The death of Prof. Albert Adeoye Ilemobade, former V.C. of FUTA, an erudite scholar and a notable prince of Ondo left a vacuum in the hearts of so many. Mama C. O. Ilemobade has lost a friend, a confidant and a loving husband. Ayo, Sola, Seni and Tolu have lost a great father and a role model. Many of us including me have lost a father, friend, mentor, confidant and counsellor. In the company of Prof there was never a dull moment. His lines of reasoning on any subject matter were ever so articulate and well thought out. I met Prof. in late 1982 I guess when he first joined FUTA as a pioneer staff even when it was not clear that that University would survive, and since then we really gelled. He was a principled Christian. He loved youths and encouraged them to aspire to the zenith of their potentials. Prof was first concerned about your welfare and any other things could follow latter. He was an expert at harnessing people's talents. He gave opportunity to prove your worth and took time to evaluate your productivity. Prof was a pillar of support. He could always identify a ray of hope even when it seemed so dark to others. He made extra sacrifice to attend the functions of so many staff of FUTA, including being in multiple functions on the same day. If he could not come, Mummy would be there. He sustained this practice even after he left active service of the University.

    In Prof's life you learn humility, love, caring and sacrifice. We have lost a great family man, a mentor, a scholar, a traveller, a global scientist. Retirement was just the beginning of research for him. He was daily in his study. He was the most IT compliant Professor I have ever met. He always had the lattest information about his field, trypanosomiasis, and so many other subjects. We have lost a well of knowledge. Prof, good night, rest in peace. We shall surely meet again, yes, at the feet of Christ, beyond the rivers. - Samson A. Arekete
  • Thur 02/07/15: Still shell-shocked! - Tunde Fowe
  • Tues 07/07/15: OUTSTANDING brother-in-law. I have been in close relationship with Prof. Adeoye Ilemobade for over 50 years. He was a friend to us, his inlaws and had a unique way in handling issues. He had an open door policy to us all - brothers and sisters of his wife. I remember with pride his close relationship with my mother, regular visits to our Okerowo home, giving moral and financial support. He engaged a carer for mama till her death. I can't forget the admission into FUTA by relatives of my numerous colleagues at UBA HQ. Friends hung around me for admission into university every academic year and as long as they had the correct pre-requisites he are there for us. We have kept very close contact since I left the country.

    Your humorous jokes I will miss. Last time we meet in London, I told you what I missed at your installation as Balogun of All Saints Anglican Church, Ondo was your favourite hymn, 'Through the love of God our saviour. All will be well'. You laughed and say 'you're right, Taiye'. You had an open heart to me and my family. You took Ronke my wife as personal friend and you both discussed a lot, you had your usual jokes and humours on the phone a night before your demise. We thank God for your earthly success, as an accomplished academician, a happy husband and a lovely father to all your children. Sleep well wonderful friend. - Taiye & Ronke Adebayo.
  • Wed 08/07/15: You have played your part in impacting lives. This you have done, in noble and humble manner. Your legacy will always live on. Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord. - Sunday Leonard
  • Wed 08/07/15: It is to Professor Ilemobade's credit that FUTA was transformed from a glorified secondary school to a proper University through his prudent management of both human and financial resources. He was such a simple man that I could not believe my eyes when we were hosted in his house in 1995 as members of final year fellowship of NIFES. As Vice Chancellor he lived in a simple house devoid of any ostentacious lifestyle. It is my prayers that the good Lord will uphold his family through this period. Good nite Prof Ilemobade, till we see you in glory. - Aborisade Olurotimi Babatunde
  • Thurs 09 July 2015: Prof was the epitone of humility. I look back now to my undergraduate years in FUTA and it hard to comprehend that it was actually a professor we use to relate with so freely. After 28 years of graduating, I vividly remember how Prof reminded us at the start of every exam period during CCF Fri fellowship, that God blesses what we put in. A zero effort after blessing can only be zero overall. He explained what good success is. I can say he humbled himself to be one of the puzzle pieces God has put together in making me. A sunset on earth but a sunrise in heaven. - Bisi Amudipe-Oladele
  • Thurs 09/07/15: Prof was my Advisor at my first year in the University (Futa). He was a very open man and easily approachable. Being a new student then, I had problems with my academics,but with his advice and the grace from God I was able to overcome it. He also doubled as the Hod then. Prof., you really had a great impact on my life, I will not forget you. Met him some months ago over Facebook and he was very glad about my success. Prof. Adieu. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen. - Dr Aderinola, Olusola Adewumi
  • Friday 10/07/15: I met you having come to pay a visit to Seni (son) in his current place of work. I didnt know fathers still did that especially for children at work! Apparently it was a practice - getting to know your childrens place of work. We didnt speak much but that visit left an impression - This is a caring father, what more can one ask for! Rest in Peace Prof. Ilemobade. - Olufunmilayo Jegede
  • Sunday 12/07/15: He was a rear gem, a seasoned academician and successful administrator. He touched many lives positively. My encounter with him gave me a new perception about life. He served God and his generation well and then slept in the Lord. May his gentle soul rest in peace. - Dr Adewumi James Rotimi
  • Mon 13/07/15: May your soul rest in perfect peace Sir and may God bless and be with the family. - Segun Akinfe (FUTA Alumni, 1992 set)
  • Tues 14/07/15: My heartfelt condolences to you all. I met Prof once in SA when he had come to visit his son Sola. He struck me as a truly elegant and deeply religious man. May the Lord comfort and strengthen you and may the hope that you have in Christ Jesus keep you till that Day when you'll meet again. - Prof Donald Otieno
  • Wed 15/07/15: I got to know you about one and a half years ago when I assumed the post of Bursar, Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo, where you served as a Council member representing Ondo Kingdom. I have observed your humility, sagacity, sincerity, decorum, academic and administrative excellence, respect for time, integrity and open-mindedness, all of which you placed at the disposal of university. In your usual way, you were the first among Council members to indicate your intention to attend the next Council meeting fixed for July 1, 2015, telling us to let you know immediately your hotel accommodation was arranged in Lagos, the venue of the meeting. Alas, your usual enthusiasm for such meetings beclouded the fact that the evil mind would stop you from seeing that day. We shall miss your wise and unbiased contributions to the growth of the university. May your gentle sould find unending peace in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Adieu. - Akin Ogungbe, Bursar, Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo.
  • Wed 15/07/15: GrandPa, I love you so much. You were priceless - The MAN amongst Men! - Durotoluwa David-Ebor
  • Fri 17/07/15: I remember my surprise when I saw you at the Africa Freedom of Information Conference in Abuja last year. I was happy to see you because it was a relief to know that an erudite African academic had taken an interest in the topic of transparency in Africa. I eagerly waited for your address and it was not only rich with experience, but it also gave much needed validation to the work undertaken by several civil societies in Africa on how we can hold governments accountable as active citizens. Speaking about you after the conference, there was a common acknowledgement from all of us who had the privilege to be in the room on that day that we wanted to grow old to be like you-still active, still passionate, still energetic, still dignified. We have lost you when you were still very much needed but we take solace in the fact that you left us a lot to learn from, to appreciate and to make ourselves better Africans. - Fola Adeleke
  • Fri 17/07/15: I don't remember if I became close to the family as Tolu's teacher or a friend of the Agbelusis but I do know that after a very short while, it did not matter. Like you did with many others, you became 'daddy' . You trusted me enough to share prayer points about your children - especially 'omo e Tolu' & that gave me confidence to share with you too. Thank you for you words of wisdom & care- especially when I told you I was relocating & when I told you I was getting married - 2 very important decisions in my life. You were blunt, down to earth but a father indeed. I will always remember your sense of humour & the way you laughed- very sincerely!! We celebrate your life Prof- rest on in the bosom of the One who loves you & you loved so dearly. Goodnight sir. - Tinyan Akin-Omoyajowo
  • Fri 17/07/15: Daddy, like I use to call you. I was privileged to supervise your organization (UPline Resources) 2009-2013 on EU-MPP9 project. I learnt A LOT from you. Among these that I supervised, Your organization was the most outstanding, truthful and dutiful. Your words of encouragements i will never forget. Sleep well dear daddy. - Oloba Temilla
  • Mon 20/07/15: What a loss! An erudite scholar, an administrator par excellence, a great father, a charismatic leader and a mentor. Your legacies lives on. Adieu our own Papa VC. - Bayode Boluwaji
  • Tues 21/07/15: Professor A.A. Ilemobade, was a father to me. He will always give me a listening ear and father to daughter advice. I know him in so many ways. Knew him in my primary school at Futa staff school, knew him at Vinning Chapel (his smile during praise and worship encourages me whenever I am leading praise and worship in those gdays), knew him at Youth For Christ (where he will alwaya always encourage me after drama ministration). Aside all these Daddy like I call him was my first employer after university, worked with him at Upline Resource Foundation before heading for my NYSC. What he taught me in my days at Upline remain part of me till date. Alot to write......I always look forward to seeing you whenever I come to Akure but now...... God knows best anyway. were a source of inspiration and encouragement to me..... missing you already dad but glad you knew the Lord while on earth. Rest in peace Daddy. Love from me and my hubby. - Kikelomo Odeyemi (nee Leo-Olagbaye)
  • Tues 21/07/15: To the family of Professor Albert llemobade, may the Almighy console you and give you the strength to bear the loss of your father. I heard he was a very kind and helpful man. Though he was killed by some of the benefactors of his kindness and generousity, do not allow that to be a factor being kind to the human race. He has left a big vacuum to be filled, let his spirit and his legacy continue to grow.. May his soul rest in perfect peace. - Obot Okoko
  • Tues 21/07/15: Daddy as we all refer to Professor Albert Ilemobade in our family was a great man. He was outstanding in his academic achievement, as well as career and professional attainment. He was extremely loving, kind and caring to everyone. He was a very good friend of our family and was like a guardian to my siblings who passed through FUTA. We were also members of the same house fellowship where we all shared from daddy's wealth of knowledge of the bible. Daddy's was very supportive and helpful when our father passed away in 2010. As most of us were out of the country, daddy held forth at home to ensure that all plans to give our father (Chief Dr Akinwale Ojo) a befitting burial. He coordinated all the plans in Akure to which we will forever be grateful. On behalf of my siblings I say thank you to the Ilemobade's. We were a bit upset by the news of your passing, but we received comfort from the Almighty God. Daddy you have done your best, lived a fulfilled life and your legacies lives on. We love you but God loves you more. Rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord. - Akintayo Ojo
  • Tues 21/07/15: Great man and educationist, may your soul rest in divine peace. I pray God's grace and comfort for the entire family. - Ronke F. (FUTA grad 1992)
  • Wed 22/07/15: TRIBUTE TO A LEGEND. The world has lost a legend; a great star has come to the end of its life on this divide, a father we all have lost, a noble man, a Professor per Excellence. My earliest memories of Daddy Ilemobade was that of the man who got my father to put on a pair of white shorts and armed himself with a lawn tennis racket to play their usual game at the ABU staff club over 30 year ago. I watched that relationship blossom and both families fuse closely, so much so that it was major reason my father adduced to move his family to Akure in 1990. Daddy was the only one to call my mother 'Igba', the only one to call my father 'Iba ASUU' and one to call my kid sister 'Anu'. Looking back at the fun filled memories I have of his outstanding personality growing up, I can only imagine how much Mummy, Auntie Ayo, Bro Shola, Seni, Tolu and their families would miss him. The news of your sad demise is still heavy to bear, but we are consoled at the fact that you are in a better place. Whilst so many young people wish they could relate closely with you, I was privileged from birth to have you as my Godfather. Adieu - Wale Ogunsusi
  • Wed 22/07/15: Continue to rest in Peace Sir. - Olukayode Owolabi
  • Fri 24/07/15: 'Hi Dave and Mary!' How we love the way it always sounds. Your voice gave faith and hope to many of which we were chiefest. Thanks for a life of giving to the Lord. The world is so upside-down cruel. How a many good men are gone. But we keep our tears obscured and dance like the angels above will do. Adeiu papa. We love you and will miss you. See you soon for "Jesus cometh". Mum we love you and treasure you. Thanks for pulling out the best in 'Baba'. Please do keep strong! Ayo, Sola, Seni and Tolu (my sibs...) Dad left us a huge task; to be the best at all we do in God's eyes and be a blessing to humanity. Lets not fail him. Sure he smiles on you all from glory. Great grace. Love you loads. - Rev. David and Dr. Mrs. Mary SANDA
  • Fri 24/07/15: This is grieving the loss of a very senior brother in Christ, a mentor, an illustrous son of Africa,.... a servant of the Lord, a Community Worker, Justice of the Peace, a former University Vice Chancellor, an Adviser to United Nations, FAO, WHO, etc. It is not so much that you died but for the unfortunate circumstances surrounding your death as hatched out by two depraved persons he adopted as his 'sons'. It was a renactment of Chinua Achebe's murdered Ikemefuna who called him 'father' in 'THINGS FALL APART' Your last words to me some two days before your death were 'Pele Bayo. A ku orire eni' (Hello Bayo.Congrats) whilst slipping an envelope into my hand... And so hastily you departed as a Mentor, a brother-in-Christ, a servant to the world. But you stood your ground to the end to shame your assailants...True to your nature you refused to be intimidated.. Odi aro sir. - Timoty Adebayo Fasheun
  • Sun 26/07/15: Could it be true after all that Prof. Ilemobade was abducted and murdered like a chicken within the premises of his personal building in Ijapo, Akure just like that? I am still stunned and shocked. It is like a bad dream and I am overwhelmed with sorrow. Nothing in the whole world could have pushed anybody to murder a noble, harmless, loving, selfless, dedicated son of God who was a friend of everyone, gentle and easy going gentleman who would give everything for the promotion of the faith and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. Since I knew him from his days at Imade College, Owo, he had remained a most loving, trusted and loyal friend who would avoid getting on the nerves of anybody. Like every academician, he could argue with you but would avoid getting on your nerves and would be ever ready t settle any disagreement with you the next moment. Professor Ilemobade served Christ with all sincerity and commitment. He was a lover of God’s servants and children of God. He will be missed by the youths in the church to whom he played the role of a father. He loved me and my entire family with great passion and we all loved him with all our hearts. Those who killed him at the latter part of his great and noble life have sinned against and offended God and the judgement of God the creator of life and judge of all shall be visited upon them and they shall face the inescapable wrath and bitter judgement of God. No efforts must be spared to unravel the mystery surrounding his violent death and expose all who were involved in the conspiracy. It is now time our Government took serious the security of the lives of Nigerians because that is a duty the Government owes every Nigerian. The killers of Professor Ilemobade shall pay fully the price of their crime whether they like it or not. I commiserate with the loving wife, the darling children, the church of God especially in Ondo, the academic colleagues of the Professor, the young Christians especially in the Anglican Church, the good people of Ondo town and commit every one t the loving care and mercy of God and I pray that God will intervene to put an end to this evil trend in ur country Nigeria. Goodbye loving and dedicated friend. We shall ultimately meet at the foot of Jesus. - Rt. Rev. Prof. Joseph Akinyele Omoyajowo
  • Wed 29/07/15: Words fail me to write much. All I can is I will miss Prof Ilemobade to my grave. He was the closest thing to a father I had outside my biological father. I wrote a letter out of the blue in early 1992 and politely requested appointment as a Graduate Assistant in FUTA enclosing my credentials. He asked to send 20 copies of my application to the then Dean of SAAT, late Prof Ogunsusi. I did and I was eventually hired and the rest is history. He gave me my first appointment in academia and launched what became the career I have today as a faculty member at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA. I recall with tears and joy mixed together when he took time as Vice Chancellor to send me some papers relevant to my MSc research project... can you imagine a VC having the time to remember what you were working on and actually sending you reprints?? He supported my career in myriad ways as a mentor, counselor, friend, father to the very end. Indeed he endorsed me on my LinkedIn profile a week before his demise! I will miss you Daddy, but we are consoled that you lived a very full life, touching lives deeply and selflessly. You will live on in our hearts and in your work left behind in people lives. Sleep in peace... - Ikhide Imumorin
  • Wed 29/07/15: The king sang this lament for Abner: 'Should Abner have died as the lawless die? Your hands were not bound, your feet were not fettered. You fell as one falls before the wicked.' Prof. as we called him was a brother and friend. He's being an Ondo prince endeared him to me even more. He loved everyone openly but he also made everyone special. He made me feel special by the way he would say, 'Iyabomi', as if I was the only one he knew with that name. I could always count on his counsel and he was never too high to listen to mine either. He was thoroughbred. These past few weeks as I've thought of him, the above words are the words from scripture that I remember. - Iyabode Okoro
  • Wed 29/07/15: Among precious stones are diamond, gold, topaz, Beryl but your worth is more than those stones. Prince Albert Ilemobade you are a RARE GEM.You took me up as your biological daughter. Even though, am partially an indegene of Ondo but daddy didn't bother. When I thought it is over for me in 2006, Prof Ilemobade said it is yet to be over. When I was in darkness, daddy shed light on my way. Whenever am thinking that I have missed my father, I will call daddy. Now, I believe that I am Fatherless both biologically and non-biologically. I could remember our conversation on Thursday presiding your death which I didn't know will be the last conversation with Prof. I will always remember you, in the aspect of advice, prayer e.t.c. Yes, I will always remember you, my biological father died on 30th July while my non-biological father will be buried on 30th July. Wo lani o iba 'má,ira 'jamá, á má  mula miji oju sá yá. O dá j፠ajinde. - Olamititi Ayokanmi Morounmubo
  • Thur 30/07/15: YOU MAY BE GONE... Today as you're being laid to rest your demise has deeply saddened me. The untimely occurrence, has denied me of our usual chats and saying goodbye. You may be gone but you'll never be forgotten. It's hard to believe I won't see you no more. Eternal peace I hope you find. Uncle you may be gone, but your dreams, aspirations and legacy still lives on. RIP cool uncle, I'll see you at the crossroads! - Yemi Akinrodoye
  • Thur 30/07/15: I never actually met you personally but I was in Akure with your daughter Tolu and I work in the same organisation with your son and I recollect that these are beautiful, intelligent and well brought up kids. Your legacy lives through them. Rest in Peace Sir - Lara David Odufuwa
  • Fri 31/07/15: Professor Albert Ilemobade was an icon, an indefatigable administrator, an erudite scholar, a selfless volunteer, a community leader par excellence, a mentor, a patriotic Nigerian and more and much more besides. His death has robbed us all of his counsel, services, fatherly love, Mentorship and more. Like I told Mama (his beloved wife), Baba was our mentor and coach in the Volunteer sector as he was a pillar to our work in the Nigerian National Volunteer Service, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, the Presidency Abuja. He was one of our eminent resource persons in the trainings on Volunteerism and Volunteer Resources Administration in Nigeria. He gave us his time, allowed us to learn at his feet, he gave us hope that our work will not die and people will imbibe the volunteer spirit in the bye and bye. Like I also told Mama, I could not attend the burial of Baba because I had over stayed in Nigeria. My prayers are with the family always and well done for the befitting farewells for Baba in so many places and at various dates. Thank you all in the family for allowing us be part of your family. Our pledge is to keep the flag flying and continue to do our little best to follow in the foot steps of so great a man, Professor Ilemobade, who served his family , his old school, his community, his university, his state and nation and the enitre world with his all. We in the volunteer sector are already missing him. Prof, Rest well, peace, peace Sir. - Adewumi Oluwadiya PhD, Fellow War College, Nigeria NNVS Volunteer Ambassador Retired Dirrector PRS, NIEC, the Presidency Abuja Bowie, Maryland, USA.
  • Sat 01/08/15: What! I never had the opportunity to tell this Late Sage is that it was at a seminar he gave to Christian Students' Fellowship in FUTA that I decided to become a born again Christian, because until I listened to that talk, I believed all students claiming to be born again were a bunch of lazy, never do well failures that always carried Bibles instead of reading their books. This man testifies that he was an 'A' student at A.B.U. even though he was a Christian. His story motivated me to aim for First Class or Second Class Upper and still become a Christian. I cheever that aim. He was indeed a motivator. They killed him because of RAV 4?!!!! Shocking. My consolation is that Chariots of Fire must have delivers him to heaven. Even Stephen faces a worst death. Those killers should repent. - Anthony Oyedeji